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Ready, Set, Go! Work Ready Program


Ready, Set, Go! Work Program is an Indigenous nonprofit organization that is indigenously led to support the Truth and Reconciliations’ call to close the education and employment gaps between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. We remove employment barriers by providing one-of-a-kind hands-on training, work experience, references, and employment-bridging opportunities for our clients. The program provides essential employment skill workshops in classrooms with a primary focus on practical work experience to foster the development of essential skills and career-ready behaviour. The organization’s goal is to work with people with employment barriers to provide them with a holistic employment education based on Indigenous educational practices.



The program is designed to offer limited time in the classroom for orientations to learn safety procedures and program policies with a primary focus on practical expereince. It is important for the students, trainers, and organizers to take the time to introduce themselves and explain the journey ahead. Unlike traditional schools, our training is done in the workplace setting to ensure the maximum optimization of practice to foster the development of soft skills. 

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