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Accepting Donations!

Help us with keeping the store active by donating your gently used items. These items help our students get the experience in accepting goods, processing, stocking, and many more skills!  Not only does your donations help our students with experience, the revenues go directly back to the program! 

Got a lot? Need some help?

Life events happen, instead of throwing out your used goods, we can bring boxes, come and pack up all usable items and take it away. For large donations, we have our volunteers come work with you to collect all the items, box them, and haul them away. No donation too big, from moves, to a clutter clean up, we have the team to get it all done! Just let us know.

Reasons to Donate
  • Sustainability

    • your donation is kept out of the landfill and the recycling of the product will minimize the resources to create a new item.​

  • Options for Others

    • your donation will provide affordable options for others.​

  • Clutter Free Home

    • creating a stress free and tidy home for your enjoyment!​

  • Supporting your Ready, Set, Go! Work Programs

    • every donation will help students secure experience and fund the program. ​​


Let's arrange your donation


Thanks! We will be in touch! 

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