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Ready, Set, Go! Work Program

Young Teacher
Our ABILITY Trainers

Ready, Set, Go! Work Program was founded by a few volunteers that were passionate about removing employment barriers for marginalized peoples, to provide opportunities to secure meaningful careers.  The program employs like minded trainers to ensure that these missions are met, our trainers are not like most traditional teachers, they work in small groups to ensure one on one training to adapt to each students needs. 

Trying on Shoes
About Our Program

Many programs offer classroom training and work practicum for students. The Ready, Set, Go! Work Program offers a unique opportunity for students to be trained while doing the work practicum! Students have some classroom training for introductions, than 90% of the course is provided in the workplace setting. Let's put that on your resume!

Person with Crutches
Importance of Inclusion

 Employers are fast creating a diverse culture in their workplace to benefit their establishments. Employers are now looking to hire marginalized peoples, such as peoples with disabilities, as these are some of the largest under utilized workforce categories. 

News! Check us out!

When you are doing great things, the news is always following us! Check out some articles and news of our project!

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